Professional Cleaning Notting Hill

Whatever the context is, weather you live with friends, your family or by yourself, if there is no time for anyone to keep the house tidy, then there is no shame in hiring a professional to do it for you. Our professional cleaning services are also available for work places and public spaces.

We come on a schedule, tidy up and do some casual cleaning and leave. Nothing that is too extraordinary. We simply follow a list of chores so to see, and we do it in our own way.

Someone who decides to hire us, puts their trust in us and hopes that we will do our job properly and come out with good results. And we always make sure to stand up to those expectations. Every single member knows better than to fail while carrying out a service.

With every new client, the first thing we make sure to do is introduce them to the professional cleaning service so that they are certain of weather or not they want to hire us. The introduction might get confusing for some so asking questions is encouraged and we have every answer in the Notting Hill field.

After the introduction is over, the client can proceed with making a schedule with us for when we can come by their home and carry out the service. They can choose through Monday to Friday from morning to the afternoon.

The client can decide to give us a key to their home if there won’t be often anyone during the times we have to come and clean. The client also has the option to reschedule the service or cancel for a certain day.

When we come to a client’s home, we get to work right away. Our job is basically to follow a list of chores and maintain the house clean. We make the beds, wash the kitchen floor, clean from dust, tidy up and so on.

It is in fact nothing special, the only difference is that we do it a lot better and faster than anyone else. We are experts in the Notting Hill field after all.

Professional Cleaning Services Price with 10% OFF
Regular Cleaning £16
One Off Cleaning £16
Spring, Deep Cleaning £18
After Builders Cleaning from £18/h

“One of your operatives has just cleaned my oven and I am excited to share with you how satisfied I am with his work. He degreased all components of the oven one by one and now it looks great again. I am glad I chose your company and would recommend your professional cleaning services to all my friends!”

“I needed somebody to clean my leased flat before I move out and I came across your company. Your cleaners did their job very well and completely exceeded the expectations of my landlord. There is no doubt that I will use your professional cleaning services again!”

More about Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a district in West London located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is a very attractive and fashionable area which can offer you wonderful places for exploring. Don’t miss walking down Portobello Street Market which is known to be one of the biggest markets in London.

You can find many shops which sell antiques and trendy restaurants and coffee shops. If you want to experience the night life in Notting Hill, The Clarendon is a wonderful bar which specializes in cocktails. The Elbow Room is also a good place to go out for a drink.

The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising is an interesting attraction which can show you different sides of the advertisement’s history. While walking down Portabello Street look for the Electric Cinema. This is one of the oldest working cinemas in London and it has a rich history. Even if you don’t watch a movie, you can still admire the vintage look of the building.