Professional Cleaning Edmonton

Professional cleaning is for all the people too busy with their work or study schedules, for all the parents who find it hard to manage both taking care of their child, working and keeping their household environment cleaned and allergens-free.

Our very professional cleaning service, located in Edmonton, is the one that can undertake all the cleaning chores and set you free from the burden that cleaning brings. Whether you are short on time to perform the desired cleaning yourself, or you are simply not suited for cleaning, we are always one phone call away.

As soon as you call up our numbers and get in touch with our friendly operators they will give you an approximate estimate on the cleaning you are about to receive. They will gladly explain the whole cleaning process to you and let you in on all the specifics. We can also provide you with a customized cleaning plan, free of charge, and to help you follow up the cleaning process to the point.

We personally guarantee for the efficiency of our cleaning technicians, as they are the best from the best. Their capabilities have been tested, background checks have been performed to all of them, plus they have been legally licensed to practice cleaning in Edmonton. They are nothing short from professionals with honorary degrees and knowledge, as well as expertise, of the cleaning process and how to best handle a cleaning situation without harming the exterior of your home and property.

By putting your faith in us you receive a thorough cleaning carried out with precision and care. Our employees would prefer to do things your way and you are most welcome to provide them with information on how you want things done. On the other hand, they will provide you with their professional opinion and solutions on how to handle the cleaning and what is best for you and your property. Nowhere in Edmonton will you find such an efficient professional cleaning service with such low price rates and huge knowledge of the cleaning as a process and its execution.

Professional Cleaning Services Price with 10% OFF
Regular Cleaning £16
One Off Cleaning £16
Spring, Deep Cleaning £18
After Builders Cleaning from £18/h

“This company was recommended to me when I wanted to have the carpet in the living room washed. I need to admit that the fellow did a great job. He brought his own equipment and cleaned in detail every area of the carpet. This is what I call a professional cleaning company!”

“My oven was pretty neglected but I didn’t have any time to degrease it. My mother recommended their professional cleaning services and I called them. Now I am very happy I did it because the fellow they sent did a magnificent job and exceed my expectations completely.”

Moe About Edmonton

Edmonton – a residential area that currently has renovations under place and big projects. It is located almost fourteen kilometers north-west from Charing Cross. Edmonton is situated in London Borough of Enfield, the most northern borough of London. The area that once was an industrial suburban area where white middleclass Londoners lived has now become a more diverse and multicultural community.

These changes were effected by commonwealth immigration, people who seek asylum and the expansion of the European Union. Edmonton is currently undergoing infrastructural changes under a 100 million pound budgets. There are to be built new housing lots, a bus station, a clinic and a refurbishment of the shopping center. There will be also a new hotel opened. The Olympic Flame was carried through Edmonton during the 2012 London Olympics.